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Malta has been reeling from an EY survey showing that an astonishing 70 % of youths seek their future outside the country, while former residents share their tales of an improved life away from the islands.

We get it. Malta is a small, densely populated country on the periphery of the EU. Seeking new pastures outside of the islands is natural, especially when ugly cranes ruin the country and alleged corruption makes international headlines.

Malta might not be appealing to some, but for a lot of us, it’s home. Here’s why you should live in Malta:

1. Maltese Natives

One of the lovely things about Malta is its locals, who are known for their warmness and hospitality. Natives who are quite friendly by nature, who are considerate, who say good morning and who ask if you need help when you might look puzzled.

2. The Food

From pastizzi to amazing local ġbejniet, Malta is filled with traditional and nontraditional cuisine that is just as delicious no matter which part of the island you’re on.

It’s quickly become a foodie’s paradise with Michelin-starred restaurants cropping up all over while continuing to celebrate everything that’s traditional.

Have you tried imqaret or a plate of rabbit?… Enough said.

3. The sun

Malta is sunny all year round, seeing nearly 300 days, 3,000 hours of sunshine per year. Being surrounded by sea Malta experiences a climate of very mild winter and dry summers. This means you can always enjoy a warm sunny day while collecting Vitamin D all year round.

4. History

Malta is enriched with a long and exciting history. Filled with archaeological sites (including three UNESCO World Heritage sites), historical buildings and museums respect the past with a story spanning over 7,000 years. Not to mention the history and information to explore from prehistory to WWII.

5. The Proximity

Malta being such a small island, has its perks, considering the entire archipelago of five islands adds up to 316 square kilometres.

Everything and everywhere you need to go is within reach and isn’t too far.

Can you name any other place where you can keep up with all your commitments, grab a delicious plate of food, visit the beach, and head to the countryside all in one day?

6. The Language

The two official languages of the country are both Maltese and English, making it the perfect spot for anyone with a decent command of either.

Although learning Maltese might be difficult for some, there are still foreigners taking lessons to learn. Meanwhile, English is spoken by practically everyone to differing levels, something you won’t find abroad.

Withstanding the fact that Malta is a small island in the Mediterranean, we still have our own language and it’s still thriving with importance. After all, Maltese is the 22nd official language in the EU.

Bonus: Culture

Being in the heart of the Mediterranean, the Maltese archipelago has attracted several visitors through the ages and has had several occupations. Each has left its impact on the islands’ cultural, unique and colourful mélange that is intriguing to discover. Examples include ‘festas’ in honour of catholic saints and traditional Ghana, Carnival and so much more.